aLC-100Lens Checker


aLC-100Lens Checker

  • Bright-field and dark-field microscopy
  • Data transfer to PC, Mac or Windows Tablet
  • Visualize progressive identifiers
  • Application software included
  • Space-saving design
  • Made in Japan

The aLC-100 possess a powerful camera that, when selecting the appropriate illumination pattern, can enable an easy verification of scratches, impurities and/or damage in the surface of contacts, blanks, and spectacle lenses. By using the included pen light you will be able to look the engraved markings on PALs. The acquired image data can be saved to a PC, Mac or Windows Tablet through its built-in USB cable.

  • Features
  • Sample Images
  • Spec


Convenient switching between illumination patterns.

Discovery of hidden scratches or unnoticed impurities can be done fast and effectively by switching between dark-field and bright-field microscopy at the touch of a button.

  • aLC-100 Bright-field illumination


  • aLC-100 Dark-field illumination


Data transfer to PC, Mac or Windows Tablet

Use the application software for saving locally acquired image or video data. Useful for keeping electronic records at the optical dispensary, eye clinic or lens lab.

aLC-100 hardware connections

  • - Application Software: aLC Viewer (included CD-ROM)
  • - Supported OS: Windows® 7 or higher, Mac OS X® Yosemite or higher
Observation of progressive identifiers

A simple way to identify what kind of lenses, its reference fitting points and the prescription (Rx) currently being worn by a patient, is by reading the symbols engraved on the lens surface. With the aLC-100, you will be able to check those marks with a minimum effort.

Progressive Identifiers

Standard accessories

A handy LED pen light for checking progressive identifiers, and soft silicone tweezers for handling contact lenses are included.

  • aLC-100 pen light accessory

    LED pen light

  • aLC-100 tweezers accessory

    Contact lenses

Sample Images

  • Measurement examples of stains or impurities on contact lens

  • Coating peeling on spectacle lens

  • Progressive identifier on lens surface


Model aLC-100
Illumination Bright-field & Dark-field (Selectable)
Auto power off function - approx. 10 min
Effective pixels 5.0 Megapixels
Effective field diameter ⌀10 mm or greater
Application software aLC Viewer (included CD-ROM)
File format Image: JPEG, BMP
Video: MJPEG
Magnification 5.1x (equivalent to 18x on a 23-inch monitor)
Power supply Camera: 5 VDC (From host device via USB cable)
Illumination unit: 12 VDC (AC Adapter)
Power consumption Camera section: 1W (Max)
Illumination unit: 4W (Max)
Supported OS Windows® 7 or higher
Mac OS X® Yosemite or higher
White balance Auto
Image 1/4” color CMOS
AGC Auto
Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 244 (W) x 234 (D) x 268 (H) mm
9.61 (W) x 9.21 (D) x 10.55 (H) in
Weight 1.6 kg (3.53 lbs)

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