Embody Truth & Knowledge

We believe that pursuing our true self while behaving in the correct manner,
will lead ourselves to become a mature person.

Our Mission

By developing a Quality Management System and maintaining its effectiveness,
we will be able to provide world-class ophthalmic equipment and services of a high safety and quality standards,
while meeting our customer’s requirements and in compliance with laws and regulations in force worldwide.

Our Code of Conduct

  • * It is the responsibility of Management to train its people.
  • * Our work must benefit the wider community.
  • * A company is an educational institution and work is the tutor.
  • * Company members must maintain responsibility for their own behavior.
  • * We must seek out challenges and follow them through with courage.
  • * New ideas are essential beginnings for our creativity.
  • * Courtesy and good manners are to be respected and rules must be followed.
  • * Empathy is the right path for us all.
  • * Happiness is created by each of us individually.
  • * Life is a struggle against our own self so we must work to overcome our failings.
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