The use of portable devices such as personal computers, smartphones, and tablets, has increased drastically in recent years. This is the main cause for overusing our eyes in a daily basis. Along with the natural aging progress, more and more diverse and precise eye care is required. Under such circumstances, "To support health through eye care" concept was raised, and asahi vision was born in November 2014, in Nagoya city, a well-known manufacturing hub in Japan. Our goal is to become a customer-oriented company that supports the day-to-day work of Eye Care practitioners through inspection and measurement equipment. We will provide, to the domestic and overseas markets, equipment based on Japan's top class quality standards and with a high cost-performance ratio. In addition, we will continue to be a small innovative group synergizing product development and advanced research with partners outside the company for flexible and speedy development. From now on, we will appreciate your guidance and support for the accomplishment of these tasks and the new challenges to come.

President and CEOTamaki Koide

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